Surviving The Summer Heat

Surviving The Summer Heat

With many parts of the world experiencing record-breaking heat, keeping cool is not just a matter of style but survival nowadays. Although much has been written on SPF sunscreens, it goes without saying the leaving the house without wearing one, is like walking out naked – exposed and vulnerable.

That aside, we’ve asked our spa and beauty experts for their top summer tips:

  1. Put a Hat on it – If you remain sloppy about wearing sunscreen, then hatwear is an imperative. They come as chic as Borsalinos and casual as athletic caps. And if packing one for a trip is cumbersome, buy it when you get to your destination.
  2. Take the Heat Out of What You Eat – Avoid spicy, fried foods and go easy on the curries, chillis and salsas. Ayurveda suggests sweet, bitter, astringent foods to bring down the ‘pitta’ like milk (drink it warm), butter and ghee. Olive, sunflower and coconut oils are great for balancing Pitta dosha, which is dominant during the summer. Sweet, ripe fruits like avocados, cherries, plums, grapes, pineapples, and peaches are perfect. Cilantro and mint are excellent. Asparagus, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, zucchini and green beans are all good.
  3. Ice is Nice but…– Ayurveda frowns upon iced drinks. The extreme cold interrupt digestion and leads to imbalance. Liquids at room temperature are better assimilated into the body and can also make you feel instantly refreshed.
  4. Hydrate – In addition to upping your water to at least 10 glasses a day, opt for cooling and balancing drinks like coconut water and fruit juices. Half a cup of beaten yogurt with water after a meal can also help bring down heat.
  5. Get Physical – A swim in the early morning or dusk is both cooling and calming. Contrary to popular notion, certain forms of physical activities can help reduce body heat. Yoga exercises like pranayama and meditation help cool the body.

What are some of your summer beauty and wellness tips?



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